Tuesday, September 08, 2009

for granted

You should know that this semester, Tuesday will be a posting challenge. I am out, teaching, then again teaching, and finally, in the evening hours, selling stuff at a little corner shop nearby. So, I'm out of the house a very, very long time.

This should make it an exciting check of Ocean under fire. Like speed dating, where you only have a minute or two to impress.

I begin this round of crazy Tuesdays with a post on corn. Surprised? Here's why I'm corn-focused:



I found these people pushing corn and apples (and messages of sustainability) just down the hill on library mall. And the reason I title this post "for granted" is that we are so used to fresh corn and the bounty of apples now, that there actually wasn't a line for either. Even though both were free and it was lunchtime.


It's hard to appreciate bounty.

Today there was yet another day of warm, gentle sunshine -- the kind that warns you that there's only so much left... And yet, we go to work, we worry about this or that, we go home, eat a meal, go to sleep with little appreciation for what we have, and are about to lose.

Let me end with an assurance that, even though I passed on the free corn and apples…



… I did not take the warmth of the day for granted.