Saturday, October 03, 2009

there’s always a good minestra

One glance and I can see it's that kind of a day: cold, damp. I have a load of work. More like two loads.

Isn’t it a good time to think about Italy? (Ed: I like where I am.) I don’t even want to be in Italy (necessarily), I just want to put myself there in my thoughts right now.

Of course, last December, Italy was rather gray and wet (Ed reminds me). But warm and spirited! I could use something warm and spirited. (No, sorry, no wine allowed just yet.)

As it's Saturday, I do have the Westside Community Market. (May I state my deep appreciation not only for the foods you bring to us each week, but also for the seasonal, colorful, thematic clothing you wear? Okay, at least the women. The male vendors appear to be indifferent to issues of wardrobe or weather.)




So now I have my basket full of vegetables for a minestrone. Out comes the pot, in goes the olive oil, the onion, the carrot, garlic, celeriac, then broth, then peas, beans, chard, cauliflower, Romas, spices….


I’m in my Italian bubble. Tally forth, October. I’m indifferent to your somberness.