Monday, November 09, 2009

ad for iphone

If the world imploded on a Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, I would not know it, were it not for my iphone. The tiny NYTimes icon on it allows me to remain confident that we are all in one piece. So far.

It’s not that I am completely out of the loop on those days. I know, for example, weather patterns very very well. It was fairly mild this morning. Biking to work past the lake was deliciously warm...


...but by evening, a chill crept in and I could not pedal fast enough to overcome it.

I know, too, how long it takes to microwave a frozen Kashi or Amy’s dinner and that, too, isn't knowledge gained from the iphone. There, I would be pointed to the nearest eatery and if I chose that option, I’d lose all that I earned at the little shop that evening.

I installed an app on my iphone that identifies (just by listening to it!) the song that’s playing out there. On Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday evening (or Sunday or Saturday...) I can thrust the phone in the direction of the music playing at the little shop and it will identify the piece for me. In case I want to listen to it even more, beyond the hours when I hear it at the shop.

The iphone has a camera in it, but I never want to use any camera during these days. It’s too awful to search out interesting ways to photograph the same old lakeside path, especially when you are in a hurry. Some days, this is the best I can do:


There is email on the iphone, but most of the hours I spend in the classroom or at the shop – neither of which permit email. But I do click on it when I am in the bathroom or on the bike. Yes, I use the iphone while biking. I endanger noone (but myself) with it and it helps me keep up with details of work, so that they all don't hit me in one fell swoop when I get home late just before midnight.

Yay iphone. I could not manage without you.