Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Rules to live by:

If the IRS squawks at you for not supplying proper documentation with your tax return, give them some more papers. And if they squawk again, supply them with even more papers. Don’t get hung up on the unpleasantness of it all, just keep churning out the papers.

If you find a superb bargain on a replacement camera (for the little Sony that mysteriously lost its shutter release button – that same button that Ed so brilliantly tried to replace and affix, except that in the end, it wasn't quite the same), go ahead and buy it, but be prepared: the bargain may be a scam. Even if the merchant has good online reviews, , it still may be a scam. The good reviews may be a scam. Cancel the order. Don’t keep hoping. Let it go and buy the one at Amazon for $30 more. Don’t keep fretting about losing the good price, because that price wasn’t a good price at all, it was a scam.

If your day has no breaks in it, except for the 15 minutes that you cut out for an espresso down the hill, don’t gripe about how brief that break was. Enjoy the espresso and think of the longer breaks ahead of you.

(a food booth down the hill)

Gripers and whiners are not good souls.

Kick me when you think I am getting dangerously close to their league.