Thursday, November 26, 2009


To my American readers – my you have a delightful holiday, a truly happy Thanksgiving. To my other side of the ocean ones – let me explain to you about this day: it’s a time when you go to a lot of effort to make a colorful meal out of foods that tend to orbit around shades of brown and mustard yellow. There is a reason why every cook worth her while will put on the table cranberry sauce.

I shopped with Ed yesterday. He wont be joining us for the meal itself (I don’t do Thanksgiving or everyday is a birthday are common answers from him should you inquire why), but he promised to come around for leftovers the next day.

The store was pleasantly crowded and welcoming (samples everywhere).


It must be said that Ed was rather taken aback by what I put in the cart – both the amount and type of food were over and beyond what he is normally exposed to when we shop.
You eat bacon?
On Thanksgiving morning, yes. Can you find a can of pumpkin puree please?

Like I said, all shades of brown and mustard yellow.

Late at night, with daughters home, I roll out the dough.


And in the morning, I don’t even bother looking outside. I turn on the oven and begin.