Wednesday, December 02, 2009

sweet dreams

They are the ones that come in the daytime. And this week is vulnerable in that it offers many opportunities to dream.

Last days of class. Last meetings with small sections of first year students. They’re tense now, of course. Me, I want to tell them that with that anxiety come the rewards. Such a semester we’ve had! And now, I rest. With sweet dreams of their glowing futures.

First days of holiday melodies. I play Carols from Clare College at home because in December, the delicate sounds sweeten the cold air.

My daughters are on the move. Not literally. Well yes, in one case literally. They’re building their castles now. Splendid ones, with strong foundations. And I just marvel at how talented they are! And spirited. But also how down-to-earth and unfussy. Build away, girls of mine! Let me sit back and admire!

I am on the move as well. Or I will be. Finally. A long longed for flight over to that other side of the ocean for a brief while. Soon.

But not today. After class today I walk up State Street thinking that it doesn't look too bad now, in December. I watch people retreating from campus. Going home.


I pick up a scented candle at the little shop where I work. Essential oils of almond. I never burn candles. Too artificial for my sensibilities. But I’ve seen the effect of our sweet (natural!) fragrance on customers. So many come into the warm interior, take a deep breath and say – it feels so good to be in here! And as I take off my coat and throw off my boots, I say it now too, at home: it feels so good to be in here!