Sunday, January 31, 2010


It’s a good thing that my occasional traveling companion is such a sketchy reader of Ocean (like a kid reading a boring book, he concentrates on the pictures) or else I’d have to write this story with greater caution.

As it is, I can say bluntly that the ride from Minneapolis to Madison today sucked.


But I wont apportion blame. It depends on your perspective: do you hate backseat drivers who tell you to slow it down just as you’re revving up to overtake the FedEx truck yet again? Or do you like going the speed limit or less and prefer to avoid the thrill of always driving at the cusp of tragedy?

We left Minnesota early. Ed drove, I worked. Until I could not be the quiet passenger anymore (less than an hour into the trip) and then I drove and Ed slept, read magazines and twiddled his thumbs.


It was that kind of a return.

But, I was on time for my shop duty and I had a handful of good customer conversations and I even enjoyed returning to the condo late at night and finding... nothing wrong at any front.

I miss thinking that life is funny.