Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February notes

My copy of Bon Appetit showed up in the mailbox today. (Lonely without its Gourmet companion.) I read the editor’s page on the elevator trip up. Reaction? The column was too upbeat. All about how great February is – a month of celebrations, a party month, according to her.

I’m not surprised. She comes from a family where the mom made cherry pies to celebrate the honesty of George (who, it appears, did not deserve this particular commemoration).

Perhaps the problem is not with February, but with me. I regard Super Bowl as a nonevent. Valentine’s Day? Every day is Valentine’s Day, I’m told. No, not cherry pies either. There are twenty-eight days of bad weather in the middle of a busy semester. That’s February for you.

Still, I do love the prettiness of a fresh snow. Winter, as viewed from my office window can be lovely.


...and even lovelier from the safe, bookish warmth of the Law School library.


But February, once you engage in it, once you step out for whatever reason...


...chances are great you’ll wind up on your rear end.