Monday, March 08, 2010

end of D.C. days

We’re watching the Oscars. As usual, I sleep for a whole chunk in the middle, only to wake up for the major awards. Most people actually sleep when you think them to be sleeping. I have some little spirit standing on guard, ready to shake me free and get me going again when the need arises.

We’re both tired this evening. It is the second day of our mega walk through Washington. And we’ve been eating well – brunch, dinner and somewhere in between – a cupcake break in Georgetown.


As always, every Sunday I am here it is like this. Eggs and grits at noon, a walk toward the Washington monument, and then a cut to the other side – away from the Mall, past the World War II Memorial, past the cherry trees, the Jefferson Memorial, and along the river to Georgetown.




The sun is brilliant – it is their first day of total spring here. I have a jacket, but more out of habit than need.


There is a feeling of total contentment (aided by an early call from a cab driver who found my daughter’s iPhone). Job well done. Adventure finished. This is a final glance, a long goodbye, but not to her, to the city that was her home.


That same little spirit who kept watch over the Oscars for me, now shakes me free of sleep again. Even early in the morning, I have never needed an alarm clock. He’s there, pushing me out, telling me it’s time to get going – I have a flight to catch. My girl is still asleep when I tell her – see you back in the Midwest. I slip out the door and wheel my suitcase to the metro.

I get off the Blue line at the airport and pass through the ticket gate. A woman in an army uniform is studying the Metro fares. Here, I tell her. Take my ticket. It has some dollars on it. I don’t plan on every using it again. Are you sure? – she asks. I’m sure.