Wednesday, April 07, 2010

the return

Well, it had to happen. After a break, the deluge.

Madison is under an April siege of shower activity. Rain when we arrive, rain this morning as I wait at the bus stop (without my bus pass – one of the casualties of the lost purse), rain when, last night, I pick up my daughter, here for a quick visit.

Work – there’s another deluge for you. April is a wonderful month alright, but it also wraps up a year of intense classroom preparation. It’s a month where you want to work at half speed, knowing damn well you need to work at more than full speed.

Spring turned cool today, but you can’t get discouraged. Notice the flowers – drooping and wet with beads of cold perspiration, but still flowers, on my way from the bus stop to the office.




Anyway, I am back. Over all, that's quite wonderful, even as I think back to my days there, on that scraggy island where people care more for where they are, and whom they eat with -- more so than about logging in endless work hours and amassing great wealth.

Life can be a challenge...