Saturday, April 24, 2010


One look out my window this morning is enough. No trip to the farmers market for me. It’s cold and wet and I’m feeling suddenly very very frugal.

I settle in for a day of work. With one escape: with Ed, to Woodman’s – the mega store I love to hate.

By late afternoon the fog is dense.


I walk down to the corner shop. I owe them another evening of work this week. But tonight I'm apprehensive: yesterday I submitted my letter of resignation. By May 1st, my ten month stint of moonlighting comes to an end.

It’s funny that I should quit now, when my teaching demands are about to grind to a slowdown.

But this is what I want: work hard, then pause. And my gut tells me that now is the time to pause.

My boss at the shop greets me with a smile and I breathe a sigh of relief. This transition is going to be easy after all.

You could say that a weight has been removed, and the fog has lifted, etc etc, but you and I know that nothing's that simple: it remains foggy outside, and fresh concerns (lost income!) supplant old weights.

But on the up side...

...oh, I could list a lot here. Because truly, there is nearly always an upside.