Tuesday, July 13, 2010

buying big things

Well, the time has come when I’ll have to pony up the cash and buy a car. I haven’t done this since 1993, when we purchased a minivan for family use. It had a not too lengthy but nonetheless profitable existence. Without it, taking kids to camp would have been very very hard.

In the last five years, I have gotten by without a car. I have my daughters' old wreck in case of emergency, and Ed has his old Geo that could be called forth to service in case the old wreck cannot go, but really, I have had no need for much beyond that. I am a fan of walking, biking and public transportation.

Still, one ought to have a car in reserve and the old wreck is being passed on to daughters next month, and truthfully, they have a tad more affection for it than I do. It is their first and only car (passed on to them by their grandmother who moved as far away from Wisconsin as she could, leaving the car behind; she was not a fan of the great Midwest).

I have been glancing at Craigs List for vehicles under $4000. Prefereably under $1000, but I am keeping an open mind. Here’s the dilemma: a car closer to $4000 will likely be more pleasurable than the junk I’m likely to get for under $1000. But at what price would you place a fleeting moment of pleasure? I spend most waking minutes very very far away from any car. Shouldn’t I reject cars that offer so few rewards?

Sigh... Between cheap car buying and camera negotiations, I am feeling rather out of my element (my element could be defined as one that requires no major purchases of any kind).

And speaking of major purchases, I have recently seen houses listed on the Internet that are as cute as a button. Why am I living in a condo?

[Photos from the walk home: Abe is yet again looking on at the odd world of our century, and further down, the great Midwestern sky makes everything else look puny, even as the very small things in life -- for instance, the wonderful blue dragonfly -- see her, down in the corner? -- are the real heroes. They crack down on mosquitoes, don't they?]