Thursday, July 15, 2010


The best of the smaller units at Weston Place: 1246 sq ft of living space, southern exposure (sunny in the winter, shaded in the summer), custom designed and loaded with things I should never ever have spent money on, but I did and now they are yours, discounted because I want to downsize yet again and move to an even smaller, lesser place.

A catchy ad, don’t you think?

I better rewrite it: Superbly designed... No, wait, does that mean that it was well designed but poorly executed?  Or is it simply too braggy? -- Hey look, I designed it! Surely that adds...something?

I'm downsizing again.

And maybe eventually I’ll downsize my way out of existence, leavening nothing but a thin trail – sort of like that left by a snail who moves ever so slowly toward nothingness.

If I sell the condo (such a good deal: two bathrooms, a SubZero, a wine cooler too – your very own wine cellar, damn it!), then the question becomes what then?

Not a problem. Ever since I spent ten days in a New York Bleecker Street walk-up (it was so nearly honest, if not altogether fresh) I think I can be happy anywhere. I’ll even forgo a dishwasher, which says a lot, because the person who dirties dishes most frequently in my house does not know how to properly clean them and so it’s either a washer or wreck the skin of my hands. And I’ll forgo the frontload clothes washer that I have come to love. I do need a shower though. Okay? May I have a shower?

This afternoon, in a quiet celebration of a holiday weekend I biked up and down State Street thinking  -- beauty's in the eyes of the holder. That's right, isn't it??