Thursday, August 05, 2010

one last time

Flowers again, but this time with a purpose: We’re carting them over by truck to Ed’s farmette for the remainder of the month. There, first Ed, then his cat sitter will water them through the heat of the summer days.


I’m leaving tomorrow, but it’s a long journey and I wont get to my destination until Monday morning – which, I believe will be Sunday evening for most of Ocean readers (Madison will be 14 hours behind me in time). I didn’t have to go the long way, but I’ve done this routing before and I like it: wouldn’t you choose to fly to Japan via Paris, and then over central Asia, rather than the boring way over the Pacific, even if it does add hours in flight?

I’ll be posting. Of course I will. Ed, my occasional traveling companion and thus an occasional distraction, is not traveling with me. He’ll join me for a little while later in the month, when I have a break from teaching. And so surely I’ll have time to post on Ocean. And an internet connection will surely be easier to find than when I was last in Japan, six years ago when I often had to resort to dial-up to do a daily post.

Such changes since then!

A clarification: I am going to join the faculty of a university in Kyoto for a very brief while. I’ll be teaching an intensive course in law there. As always, you wont read much about my work experiences on Ocean. But oh, there’ll be so many other good things to focus on here!