Friday, September 10, 2010

world of blues

This isn’t to signal any tragic mood swing. Not at all. I’ve been far too busy for that. Still, anyone who passed through this part of the country in the last 24 hours would have noted the deliciously blue sky that was ours for this day.

I had too much work to really give it much heed. But every time I went out, even if only for a few minutes, my camera would itch to focus on the healthy contrasts out there -- to take in that piercing bottomless blue.

Near the construction site...


...and, too, downtown. Though I have to say that this cafĂ© (which some argue makes the best cup of espresso in town) has it all wrong. One outdoor table? Where’s the camaraderie in that? As for the gentleman sitting there – what can I say... if you need a scarf to keep warm, you probably should not be wearing flip flops.


One more blue observation: this next and last photo very much reminds me of a mother’s drooping shoulders as she carries the weight of her kid. No?