Thursday, September 30, 2010

a thought

Do people choose places at caf├ęs near artwork depicting people who resemble them? Or at least dress like them?



I didn’t really stay at this coffee shop – I was merely accompanying someone who was picking up an iced tea, but it struck me that we really strive to hang close to (images of) people who are in even the most superficial ways like us.

Which makes me completely befuddled (not bothered, merely befuddled) as to why I would have as an occasional traveling companion someone who thinks working on a John Deere tractor does not require a change of clothing afterwards. You know --- for dinner, or for an evening with his traveling (occasionally at least) buddy.

We are on the couch now, ostensibly watching a clip on nut production (he likes these clips, I like, instead, movies that make me laugh or cry -- either one), but really not paying attention, as he is asleep and I am posting. He is in his post John Deere garb, I am in my post teaching three classes garb. We look very mismatched.

But we both are drawn to a good baguette and a perfectly ripened apricot, so that counts for something, no?