Wednesday, October 06, 2010


You can’t do this, day in and day out! Days are never this perfect! What’s the flip side? What’s in store for us this winter??

Biking to work... I swore to myself that the camera will stay concealed. No more beautiful-bike-path-by -the-lake shots! That’s too easy.

Okay, just one.


I have to stay in the office late today, but that means I can give myself permission to scoot down for a late afternoon espresso. And I come across "gold" of a different sort. A senatorial gold.


I listen and I worry – oh my, I know how November can be a real counterbalance to the beauty of October (depending on the weather and on whom you’d like to see prevail in the elections).

Eh, politics. Let me not think about this. Let me just revel in what’s free and available for all to enjoy. The gold of this season – the utter beauty of warm sunshine on your shoulder as you trudge up Bascom hill.