Friday, October 15, 2010

the last of the red hot (warm) October days...

A lot of biking today. None of it recreational. To get to this meeting, to get downtown, to lunch, to work again – spin those wheels.

These are my last days of cycling for the year. Oh, I could continue, but it becomes too hard to fight the cold wind in the morning when dressed for teaching that, for me, begins at 9:30 and ends when any warmth from the day has fizzled out.

So I’ll end soon, but for now, I am intensely spinning those wheels.

I bike through a mixed palate. There are beautiful colors out there, sure and I do take photos when they seem especially pretty.


But there is a lot that looks spent and tired. A mixed bag, you might say.


Still, the skies look good for this week-end and so Ed and I are heading out again early Saturday. A different grab bag of outdoor events, but one that will again put me outside the range of WiFi until late Sunday.

Until then.