Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When is anyone’s best time to think? Walking somewhere? In the early morning hours, over the first cup of whatever?

What I need space for is not the great thoughts (we rarely want to indulge in those anyway), but for the sifting and sorting of ordinary things: what if I were to move this winter? How should I live so that there would always be sunlight streaming into my space? What will this week-end be like? What should I cook for dinner?

I bike to work despite the chilly morning weather so that I can garner time to think. During those twenty minutes, I sift and sort.


I’ll be so sorry when, in a week or two, the weather will push me back to the bus. There, for better or worse, I just people watch. No good thinking comes from that. It’s as distracting as the Internet.

For now though, I have my morning and afternoon rides.