Friday, October 22, 2010

kettle run (part one)

We’re in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, eating turkey salad with cranberries and nuts. With plum Oolung tea for me. The little corner place will close in a few minutes and we’ll be heading home – it's two hours south-west of here.

...Thinking now how fantastic it was to get away from it all, to hike again along the Ice Age Trail – the segment that runs through the Kettle Moraine North – until the sun set so completely and the moon rose so magnificently and we had to call it quits.

It had been a day of meetings, of presiding over university appeal hearings – long hours, hard cases. And then it was done. I leave campus – the students, the books, the paperwork – all of it. I’ve had more than my share this week. Adios.


I meet Ed at Tormach -- the place of the machine business that grabs his attention quite a bit these days. It’s in Waunakee and I’m curious to take a look at their new business space – it has a significant number of my photos (turned into large canvases) throughout and I want to see if I like the end result. I do. Down to the last one, in the women’s bathroom.


And then we set out. Late, okay, so it’s late to take on a big hike. But late is our habit and we don’t want to wait until tomorrow. There’s rain tomorrow and brilliant sunshine today.

And how was it out there, just beyond Kewaskum?

You’ll have to come back and read about it later. Tonight, tomorrow – don’t know. For now, let me take you to the last stretch of our hike, when the moon was just exactly perfect and the sounds of birds and ducks broke the silence of the darkened forest.