Monday, October 25, 2010


Ed and I purchased 150 bulbs to plant at the farmette. It is a significant event as it is the first item to be logged into the book of improvements that will note most everything that will happen there.

Weird. First house improvement: bulbs. But the fact is, bulbs must go in now.

Chipmunks will dig them out – Ed tells me.
No they wont.
Yes they will.

This is going to be a fun project.

(The truth is, I think,  that the crocuses are vulnerable but the daylilies and daffodils – less so.)

But there is another more significant thing to be learnt here: I am in a daring mode again. I’m making assumptions, I’m betting, I’m forging ahead.

Time to take chances.

But not too fast. Let’s just start with the bulbs and see what happens.

(Photo: from the lake shore bike path, on the ride home.)