Thursday, November 04, 2010

life and law


Who can make sense of it anyway.

One minute they tell me it’s good out there – go out and bike, the weather is good, yes, it’s good...

And then it’s not so good.


And in the evening it gets worse.

Push, push, forward, forward... where has this wind come from? Has November always been this fierce?

November. So that’s what it is. I bike in the morning and I am in such a rush that I notice nothing beyond the lateness of the hour. And at the tail end of the day I am so tired that I notice.. well,  the lateness of the day, the cold air, the regret that I never had the time to stop for lunch.

I teach three classes and I say the same to each, and I say it here, on Ocean too: my littlest one was sworn into the Illinois bar today. For the first time ever (so far as I can recall) I could not be there for her. All those damn concerts, recitals, show and tells and childhood moments, I somehow managed to leave all and be in the audience. But not today.

Funny how that can happen.

The wind whipped and tore at all that was in its path. I remembered a calmer night, when my girls and I were on the Capitol Square listening to Hayley Westenra sing (at a very young age). I thought then that at some point, Hayley's family would not be there to witness all her successes.

I pedaled home, put down the bike and took the bus right back downtown. We had a family celebration to attend to. Three attorneys now. Me, older daughter, younger daughter.

Congrats, little one. Welcome to the world of law.