Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It seemed as if this day could have no good elements in it. No that it would have bad ones, necessarily, but no upbeat notes either. A monotony of grayness.

It was still dark when I picked up the papers again and that gloom never quite left the sky – even after the sun had, they tell me, pushed its way up over the horizon.

I read that there would be no rain, but when I took the bike out, I felt a drizzle. The kind that left spots on my coat.

If you arrive on campus between class periods, the walkways are a swarm of moving bodies. Up the hill, down the hill, on to class and the next one, and the next one.


I left my office late. It was dark and my tail light wasn’t working. I had to stop by one of the science buildings, where, twice a month, I have my CSA deliver spinach. Odd, isn’t it? Spinach in the refrigerator of a science building on Henry Mall.

The building was purportedly closed, but I found the doors open. I walked down to an empty basement. A student was having a private conversation and I tried hard not to hear her words. I picked up a pound of spinach and left, pedaling hard, barely making out the road in the dark night.