Monday, December 06, 2010

day before

The day before a departure is always wild. It starts early, with my reaching for the computer before dawn and it ends with a slight worry that I wont get everything together on time.

(I’ll say this much: I know when to call it quits with the bike. Unlike the average UW kid...)


And I know where to find bright color on a December evening...


I’m there, at the mall, looking for holiday gifts for people back in the old country. And I'm wondering -- why is it that kids no longer go for the mall Santa thing? Not a kid in sight this evening. He has to make do with a wave toward people like me... Are kids all Santa'd out these days? Is that a good thing?

Anyway, I'm off and away tomorrow. Travel is a blogger's friend and enemy. You hope to write, you don't know if there will be the opportunity. But you know I'll try. And I'll connect as soon as I can.