Thursday, January 06, 2011

passing through

Predictably, I suppose, the Air France flight from Detroit was “a l’heure.” On time. (And the Madison flight was only a little delayed, for non-weather reasons.) One could take that for granted too quickly. It’s still unreal to look out at one section of the Paris CDG terminal and see it so orderly and empty almost.


A reader sent me a link to an article on the investigation, repercussions, sanctions, reevaluations that are taking place following the December chaos here. And I’m sure improvements will follow, but still, it’s too close to that time for me to forget the sight of the lines – endless, long lines of people hoping to get home. Or somewhere.

Ed’s stretched on the floor, resting his ankle. He looks like a holdover from times when there were hundreds stretched on the floor. Now it’s just him.

We’re only passing through now. Our connecting flight is also “a l’heure.” Rain, yes, there’s plenty of it. Kind of refreshing actually. Cleansing perhaps?