Tuesday, January 25, 2011

light matters

There is an up side to getting home when it’s good and dark. I know there is. I just haven’t found it.

That’s the trouble with winter – it doesn’t give you any time to enjoy daylight.

I walk in the dusky light that would be beautiful elsewhere, but not here, not on the way from my office to the bus stop.

DSC05232 - Version 2

I approach University Avenue and I see the bus pulling toward the next stop. I chase it, even as I wonder -- why? Is it that I want to get somewhere before it is completely dark? The driver waits for me. I am ridiculously grateful.

I ride the bus with a great number of others and it is a short ride. (Even as others waste not a minute of it.)


After, I emerge, at the stop by the grocery store and it is nearly dark. And by the time I’m done shopping for dinner, there’s not a shred of light left.

But I’m okay with January otherwise. Really. (How many more days?)