Tuesday, February 01, 2011


When the chancellor of my university announced tonight that the campus would be closing tomorrow because of the blizzard, I was disappointed. And then shocked that I should be disappointed. I ought to be dancing jigs and thinking of the many ways I can make use of a free day. And yes, there's that, but I must be honest – I wanted to teach my classes tomorrow.

And perhaps this, more than anything else will allow you to understand how much I love working with law students.

I left school late (office hours today) and the bus was so crowded that the driver almost refused to let all anxious riders board. [Future mayor of Madison: if you want residents to ride the city buses, you must have enough space for them to get on board.] It was not the perfect bus for me – an express, one that took me beyond the grocery store. I had to backtrack.

The wind was vicious and the snow was verging on brutal. Are you okay? – someone asked as I struggled with two grocery bags back to the condo. Yes, yes, you need to get hardy in life.

It’s been a tough season for so many. And I, too, look forward to a Feb. 2nd groundhog who will predict a speedy spring. I just wish that I could stay on track and be in class tomorrow.