Monday, February 14, 2011

melt down

You’d be surprised how many people do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. A meaningless day, my students tell me. Hallmark stuff. No substance behind it.

Well, yes, but isn’t a celebration of love a sweet idea? I listen to the two women selling espresso on campus talk about their evening plans. Doing anything? One asks. We went out to eat yesterday... today we’re eating the leftovers and watching a romantic movie.

So what’s unpleasant about that, you Valentine's Day detractors, you?

I’m told that Valentine’s Day is the third largest gift giving holiday on the calendar. (After Christmas and Mother’s Day). So I ask my class – you’re not much into Mother’s Day either, I suppose? Huh.

Of course, my occasional traveling friend is downright oppositional to the very idea of calendar days that require you to be a certain way, or do things outside of your personal inclination. Me, well honestly, I don’t place immense significance in Hallmark days, but I do get feisty at the idea that I haven’t a choice in the matter.

But, ultimately, the day is marked not by any Valentine, but by the weather. Sunny and warm. Or, as warm as you could possibly hope for on February 14. Snow-melting warm. Shed the puffy jackets warm. Puddles warm. Warm.

DSC05511 - Version 2

I leave work when the streams of melting snow make sidewalks shine and those walking home quite happy indeed.