Wednesday, February 16, 2011


(On the Square today) People to admire: so many who, in their daily working lives put forth an effort, over and beyond what you’d expect.


It was gratifying for me to see support for people who work.


I couldn’t witness this for long because, well, I had classes to prepare. But still, it was a good noon moment. Workers of all yoke, supporting rather than fighting one another.


And as long as I am on the subject of work, I want to also state here my deep appreciation for someone else who, in the last weeks has worked tirelessly to reconfigure the interior of a farmhouse, so that it could be the fresh and open space I would like to see there.

My traveling companion has been covered by construction dust and bits of crumbling cement for days as he has chipped away at the chimney, and then studied the place to understand what's needed to support the floors (which right now have some possibility of falling, one on top of the other).

People doing good work. I admire that.

Now, back to my textbooks.