Thursday, March 10, 2011


There isn’t much risk to most of my travels. Oh, people always say “safe travels!” when they learn I’m venturing forward, but truly, going out on a winter drive along a Wisconsin highway is more risky than my more distant journeys.

But looking ahead to Ghana (next week) has been different. I am very much made aware of the risks.

After classes, I walk over to the lake. My last glance in the winter season. I didn’t think the ice was so solid anymore, but others obviously would disagree. Or, they’re merely more comfortable with risk.


The more cautious travelers to west Africa take precautions. They spray their clothes, they take anti-malaria medication, they eat no food from road vendors. I’m like that.

And so today, after work, I get the clothes ready, I pack them into a small carry on and then concentrate on getting the condo shiny and bright for showings while I’m gone

I’m too tired to say more.

Just one more detail: I leave tomorrow, with tight connections. Once in Ghana, I am relying on the word-of-mouth news that there is an accessible Internet cafĂ© in the township (in the Volta Region – some four hours north of Ghana's capital) where I’ll be. All this sounds rather iffy and uncertain.

Please be patient. Sometimes one has to go places and do things even if they create an interruption in blogging.

I’ll do my best.