Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ginger and chocolate

It’s late. The flight from Detroit to Madison was delayed and I’m on my last morsels of energy as Ed pulls up at the airport and I find space between floorboards and other Home Depot purchases in his little Geo.

How is the farmhouse? I’m intensely curious, of course. Not only haven’t I seen the progress of the last ten days, I’ve been so preoccupied with Ghana that I have neglected tracking construction details.

Chocolate. The cabinets you’re putting into the kitchen are the color of chocolate.
How can that be? I chose “ginger.” It’s a honey tone at the lumber yard.
It’s dark brown. The color of chocolate.

Is the order incorrect? Am I going to have to ask them to rip out what’s there and start all over again?

Blending thoughts of Ghana with the routines of work and nonwork back home continues to be a challenge, so that I toss all night amidst vivid dreams and surreal images. Maybe it’s my malaria medication plying tricks on me.

In the early morning, right before my classes, we drive over to the farmhouse. It’s cold and wet, but at least I know that this weather will pass. There’s evidence of it already. The crocus bulbs we planted last fall are poking through the cold earth. Soon -- good weather will come soon.

Inside the farmhouse, I’m astonished at the progress. The kitchen is looking like a kitchen now. With cabinets!


Where’s the chocolate?
Looks like chocolate to me.
Ginger. The official name of this is ginger.

Such a funny choice of color analogues. Ginger and chocolate. The flavors of west Africa.