Thursday, May 12, 2011


An oddly mixed up threatening but beautiful and ultimately so very rewarding day.

How could that be? Let me recall...

Morning: breakfast on the porch. Positively inspiring.


And so immediately after, I work on changing the ten hateful pages of my book.

Noon hour: I pluck out handful upon handful of weeds from the flower patch leading up to the entrance of the farmhouse. Got ‘em all. At least superficially.

Afternoon/evening: coffee break, shopping break, then return home to cook dinner. A zucchini leek goat cheese roasted garlic puffed pastry thing. Kind of a special meal. Ed typically bikes on Wednesdays, but the freak storms keep him home. And, too, my girl is over with a her friend -- enough of an excuse to eat leisurely, with attention to the food and to each other.

During this last stretch of evening hours, it rains, thunders, hails. I know. Others have had a rougher time of it. Still, it is a mess out there.


One more observation. We have mice in the house. I haven’t seen them yet, but I know they’re with us. Earlier, at the store, I’m looking around for peppermint oil because I’d read that mice hate the smell of it. Next week, I'm likely to give up on the eco-friendly gestures and go for big time trapping. Today, I'm still dabbing the oil in key spots and making sure no food is left uncovered. I was born with this kind of optimism. Nice to see it hasn't completely abandoned me here, in the farmhouse.