Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the hottest day...

...of the year, yes, maybe of the decade, of the century – opinions vary. One thermometer says 97 and another 99; I’ll go with the 99.

It is unfortunate that I had not one, but two trips to make into town. My old Escort is without AC. If it was hot outside, it was hotter in the car.

Flaming hot.


Bike over? 
But it’s so hot! 
And so?

We bike to the Oasis. Twenty-five minutes. Steamy clammy hot. Though with a breeze. It’ll be hotter going back – Ed comments. Without the wind in your face.

From Paul at the Oasis: You biked here? You guys are (insane? inspiring? – can’t remember)...

In the evening I water the tomato plants and watch damsel flies chase drops of water on their leaves.


And I pick the berries. Less feverishly now. The guilt of relinquishing so many to the birds/animals/insects/compost heap is passing as I have many a bagful in the freezer.


And finally, I fix a simple supper, because even though it is cool in the farmhouse, one shouldn’t cook big things on the hottest day of the month/year/decade.