Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fresh run

I watch students cross University Avenue. The 1-Ls, the first year law students. A big deal day for them. How many times in life do you get to plunge into something fresh and new like this? Though maybe it’s not all new. And maybe you never really start afresh. You bring along your life into the classroom and then, at the end of the day, or the semester, or law school years, you pick up the essentials of your life again.

Me, I was distracted by my newborn at home when I was a 1-L. I thought about the law when I was on campus and then only about her, my tiny one, when I was off campus. Still, I took my work at school seriously. It was the last time I would be doing school. I wanted to do school with care.

And as I met with my 1-Ls today, I thought – they all care too. Ah, to do well by all of them! That is the goal.


I’m in my office again. Looking out on a green lawn, ridiculously being sprinkled today on this partly rainy day.


Later, Rosie and I do errands. We’re in town, so we do town stuff: picking up a bus pass (a symbolic gesture – there is no bus that comes within a mile of where I now live), a few groceries. Oh oh. It’s getting wet out there. Rosie and I battle the raindrops, all the way to the Oasis, where finally we meet up with Rosie’s garage-mate.


A good day.