Sunday, September 04, 2011

not elephants

The sky cleared, well, mostly it cleared...


It was time to get the farmette ready for fall. Brush removal, yes, that.  Weeding, lots of weeding. Pruning too. All day long.


And in pruning around the pear tree, Ed discovered these:


They grew! The wine caps grew!
Ed, it’s been raining. There are mushrooms everywhere. How do you know they’re your mushrooms?
They totally fit the description and I planted them here!
They could be different, poisonous mushrooms.
They’re wine caps. Let me cook them!
Cook one. Just one.
(Five minutes later, Ed’s outside, frying pan in hand.)
Try it!
You try it.
I did. Have this piece.
(I do.)
We should wait for 24 hours before we eat more.
To see what happens.

We don't eat any more today, even though I know that they are good mushrooms. Once, a long time ago, a doctor, one of my favorite doctors, told me I did not have some dreaded disease. How do you know, I asked then. How do you know?
Well, if you hear hoof beats and you’re in Wisconsin, you think -- horses. Not elephants.

So, the tree didn’t fall during the storm, the bear didn’t maul, the moped stayed steady. And the mushrooms? Eight hours later, still breathing. Wine caps. How about that!