Tuesday, September 06, 2011

so cold...

A student tells me – it’s the coldest September on record!
Enough that it’s a brutal slap in the face early in the morning as I’m riding Rosie to school today. I am so very grateful to Ed’s motorcycle friends (and by extension, my friends) who gave me their rider jacket – that little thing sends the wind flying elsewhere! (I can’t believe I’m using the thinsulate with it already. Forty-two degrees on the thermometer outside and that's before you factor in the wind on the scooter.)

I am trying to get up very early so that my evenings are free of work. It’s awful to make such deals with yourself because when you then do get up very early, by evening you’re dead to the world. Who cares if your plate is clean of work. Your plate has also slipped to the floor while you doze on the couch,

Isis and Ed continue to enjoy retirement and I wish them well. I’m not jealous. Who needs free time. Hard work builds character, my mother always said. (Or was it Lenin?)

I took a “first day of school” photo before I hopped on Rosie this morning. Not of me setting out – couldn’t do that, and Ed was too busy pulling a warm quilt to his chin (after sweetly rising to eat breakfast with me). But of the farmette – to remember what it is that I come home to in the late late afternoon. Hi farmette, bye farmette, see you later, farmette, I’ve got great minds to stimulate. Or something.


It is evening, I am home. Hi tomatoes, good night tomatoes.