Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I miss those jingles, I do. The evocative happy tunes from a fake world of pink girls and bow-tied boys, harmoniously urging me to double my pleasure and double my fun with double good, double good double mint gum!

Ed mutes commercials. He will not listen to someone telling us to buy, even cool stuff. Sometimes I mind the silence in between show segments, but most often I don't care. It's not as if I'd get jingles -- remember the one that told us all to have a nice holiday, with C a N a D a, D r Y, Canada Dry, the best you can buy is Canada Dry? It put me in the mood for Christmas! Now I’m just not hearing stuff about how sick you can get taking medicines that pharmaceutical companies tell us we should take anyway.

So this morning, as I dusted off Mister Red and looked up at the blue sky, I automatically hummed -- Everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it!


I like the sound of those words together, in the way that I've always liked how "grammarian" rhymes with "Hungarian" in My Fair Lady. When the skies suddenly become sparky blue after a period of prolonged gray, Blue Bonnet on it seems spot on.