Thursday, September 29, 2011

fair warning

Did you know this about Ed? I’ll fall asleep during a movie, or I’ll shy from kayaking down the Dordogne and so he’ll finish it (the movie, the river) alone. And, if it’ll be good, he’ll do it all over again with me, so that I can experience it. (The Answer Man, on DVD, last night.)

If you wake up in the morning to a weather alert (a mix of storms and rain and a promise of strong winds), it’s good to leave Rosie behind. She doesn’t like the wind.


The lake is rough today. I knew it would be. I made a point of walking down from my office so I could study the choppy waters.


Waves. Really.


Late in the day, I walk up and down State Street trying to find 449 State. Missed it twice. On the upside, it was kind of pretty out there, in a crazy skies sort of way.

DSC08848 - Version 2

Ed painted the trim around the door of the farmhouse today. I asked for him to do that. If only part of the farmhouse is to look pretty this winter, let it be the entrance.

I made a salad. Beans and tomatoes from the market, eggs from happy chickens, mustard from one of my summer trips across the ocean.

And speaking of trips, someone pointed me to the New York Times piece (in the travel section) on Krakow today. Made me look forward to going back all the more. Even if my annual return to Poland is not for another two months.

They say a red sun is a sailor’s fair warning. I saw it glowing early today. I considered myself warned.