Friday, September 30, 2011


One hard lesson that I learned not too many years ago is this: if someone says (or does) the wrong thing, don’t you, too, say (or do) the wrong thing. You don’t get a free pass.

I remember almost twenty-five years ago having a very lovely conversation with Mrs. Jahnke. She was the principal in a Milwaukee elementary school and she said – it’s when they’re most obnoxious, that’s when they need you most. That’s an easier statement to live by when it’s about kids.

These were my evening thoughts. The day was somewhat different. And the afternoon was somewhat wonderful. Ed and I biked to the Oasis EVP coffee shop and even though the wind was still gusting (and therefore keeping a balance was interesting), the light was beautiful.


At the cafĂ©, Ed helped the owners fix an Internet issue and even though it wasn’t me that helped fix a perplexing problem, still I was delighted that one of us could help.

After? Well, I had to go back into town. Rosie helped me. And it was a lovely, albeit chilly journey.


All the way to the Discovery Institute at the UW, where the spaces are beautiful and the discussion was, at the very least -- passionate.


At night, Rosie and I found our way home. The stars were out and the air was crisp. Home. BTW, what’s the definition of household? I want to know.