Monday, October 03, 2011

five... days of summer

Damn. Summer’s back. Maybe this makes you happy? Seeing all that blazing light, feeling the warm breeze, shedding layers... And me too – I loved biking to work..


...and from work to the Oasis Café ...


But there is a sadness there as well. It’s not summer. Work is pressing. And, even in the course of the day, it all ends way too quickly. The light fades, the evening comes. A chill returns. Until morning -- when, these days, or at least this week, the temptation, the happy ride, the wistful realization cycle through all over again.

In other news, I want to celebrate the lonely tomato in our yard. It wont stop, despite the threat of frost, the decreasing sunlight. It just keeps growing as if, as if... it were summer.

DSC09002 - Version 2

At the farmhouse though, I'm facing the cold months head on. An Ocean commentor mentioned cabbage soup. Mmm, cabbage soup. Our eastern European roots (Ed's and mine) are kicking in. Because it sure tasted good, five... days of summer notwithstanding.

DSC09003 - Version 2