Thursday, October 06, 2011

hello, day

I am up, the sun is up, we are up together. There is a little window in the farmhouse bedroom. Through it, I can see well enough the emerging light each morning. And today, that emerging light looks like it's worth stepping out for. A pretty sunrise to start the day!


Thursday is a very long work day. Rosie waits patiently for me. She goes from being rather naked, to standing there as if showered by golden leaves.

DSC09033 - Version 2

These days are workdays, that’s for sure. But here's something unique: this is an October day when the temp hits 82. To be repeated tomorrow. You can’t ignore that. Perhaps getting up early and taking a shot of the misty skies just as the sun breaks through is one way of saying – I’m grateful. It’s going to be beautiful out there today. How splendid is that!