Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The evening passes. After the initial burst of energy (get me out of this ER place NOW!), I flop down on the couch at the farmhouse. No oomph. Spent. Sore. I remember watching Romancing the Stone on TV a few days back. Maybe you've seen it? The heroine and her soon to be lover tumble down a mountain in a mud slide. At the end of it, they get up and keep on walking. I want to say – you’ve got to be kidding! What about sore ribs and swollen knees?

I half watch a movie, half doze. Isis, the empathetic cat, comes in and right away snuggles next to me. If ever you need evidence that animals sense your need for comfort, Isis surely proves himself this night. He stays by me, paw extended over my chest, moving hardly at all the entire evening.

photo by Ed

It was incredibly lucky that I should tumble yesterday, because today is one of two Wednesdays this semester when I am free of classes. So I stay home. But not entirely. By evening, I remind Ed that we are out of basic foods. We drive to Woodman’s to restock. Now that's entertainment! We find a cart with an attached bench. I sit in it as Ed pushes me and the accumulated bulk foods through the aisles. At one point the impish side of him (never dormant for long) resurfaces and he sends me flying down the aisle. I don’t crash, but I remind him that I am a little sensitive at the moment in the matter of crashes. He buys me an extra Cava, to compensate, I think. (Woodman’s has the best Cava prices anywhere.)

I bought a new helmet today. You can’t reuse one that’s bounced around on a pavement protecting your head. It’s like a bee: one sting and then it’s over. I imagine riding Rosie again and I think of routes that would avoid heavy traffic. I like the quiet roads and I think Rosie will fare better there.

Thanks to all who posted comments here or on Facebook or via email. It was so supremely wonderful to hear from you. It always is.