Sunday, October 16, 2011

briefly stated

If you do something before you’re ready for it, it could very well be that you will surprise yourself and others with your newly identified abilities. In the alternative, you’ll suffer the pain of unpreparedness. So that if you’re not quite healed, what with with your ribs and various muscle groups -- if they’re still a tad sore and if all your limbs bare signs of a mishap by virtue of being discolored in awful shades of black and blue --  despite this, if you insist on a regular Sunday run of housecleaning and then bulb planting and then dinner fixing for older daughter (equal time!) and her BF, then you’re going to pay the price for it.

Let me post two photos from the day: one taken in a moment of utter delight when I was dusting the farmhouse. I noticed that winter light was changing the way I could regard the living spaces. Suddenly the front room gets the sunlight. Plenty of it. So different than last summer, or even spring!


The second photo is from the back of a motorcycle, as Ed and I are zipping over to get some parts to his Geo. Why he would want to fix that skeletal piece of rusted near-junk is beyond me, but he does and so we head to the Auto Parts store late this afternoon – me, simply for the pleasure of a little outing on this cool but gorgeous October day. The good thing about this trip is that it takes you past very pretty country vistas.


Evening is family time. Sunday dinner at mom’s place. Unless I’m out of town, my kids surely know this about life: if it’s Sunday, they can come home, alone or with their SOs and get a warm meal.

And after – Ed and Isis sleep, one on the floor, the other one on the couch, while I work and try very very hard not to join them in the slumber department. [Yes, that's right:  Isis is the one on the couch.]