Monday, November 14, 2011

a time of sunsets

Has it come to this? The best that I have to offer is an image of the receding sun over the harvested corn fields? With a farmhouse and silo in the distance?


Yes, unfortunately. Just that. When I am focused on work, nothing during the day seems photographable or blogworthy. Only when I finally shut down the computer in my office and close the door behind me does it become possible to notice the day. Even as, for the most part, it will have passed me by.

I stop at Whole Foods to buy fruits and veggies – we’re so low on them!  I throw down groceries at the farmhouse and proceed to the café where Ed is already waiting. In that seven minute drive from farmhouse to café, the sun moves from over the horizon to below the horizon.


I’m late and in any case, Ed is in the wrong place at the wrong time, but finally we are settled into the café couch, he, ready for a nap, me, ready for a pick me up. You okay? Yes, you?

Yes, okay. Just that for now, but “okay” on a hard day surely is a good thing.