Tuesday, November 15, 2011

morning, noon, night

At four (in the morning), I can’t sleep. Too much to do. I’m thinking – if I start attending to it now, the load would be easier. But I haven’t the energy and so I drift from computer, to half sleep, to a wakeful conversation with Ed on the subject of a couch. Random, right? But we’ve been going around this for a while: is it good to have a couch in what appears to be the sunniest room in winter – the south facing front room? It is a theoretical discussion: I have no funds nor great desire to fund even the cheapest couch. But it’s a challenge, too – how cheap would the cheapest acceptable couch cost? It's a game that Ed and I so often like to waste time playing. (Answer: $469, yet again at Walmart.com. I hate that Walmart always comes in ahead of the pack.) Ed’s ideas come in cheaper, but they’re (in my book) rather off the wall: throw pillows on the floor. Buy a stained piece of junk off of Craiglist. Inflate something. You’re not credible – I tell him. It’s a juxtaposition of who we are: the guy who will eat ramen, me – who prefers the fresh and honest.

The light just outside the windows is strengthening. I look toward the east. Ed – it’s such a pretty sky! I should take a photo...
From where?
It’s a problem. I haven’t the oomph to chase a sunrise. I take another look out the window. I could climb out on the roof...
Is it iced over?
Can’t tell... Looks alright.
Go for it.
I’m in a state of...nighttime underdress!
A few seconds on the roof – you can handle it.

It is freakishly disconcerting: the slope is significant enough for me to feel off balance. Or is it the weirdness of being up there, cold, barefoot and bare armed, gripping with my toes the asphalt tiles of the roof of the farmhouse?


Eventually the sun climbs higher. Time to pack up and fire up Rosie.  Classes start early for me today.


This day is perhaps the peak of intensity: classes – the first, the second, the third, interspersed and followed by endless office hours, as students try to add the finishing touches to their written work.

I take a coffee break – yes, I have to. Today is the free extra espresso shot at the University Bookstore coffee stand and I am so happy to go down the hill for it.

It is a lovely day, by the way. In case anyone noticed. Some made good use of it.

DSC09587 - Version 2

I leave my office when the sun has already set. By the time I am near the farmette, the sky is just ever so faintly aglow.


But you know, it was a deeply satisfying day, too. For the “busiest day of the year,” I did okay by it. And I talked to my mother who was surprisingly happy. I had sent her photos of my daughters for her birthday. She is 88 years old today. For once, I had no doubt that I did something that brought a smile to her face.