Friday, December 30, 2011

in transit

Someone asked me recently if I travel alone frequently. The answer -- oh yes, very much so. True, these days I sometimes (often?) have a travel companion at my side, but let me qualify that: said person – Ed – is, in travel, a presence, but a quiet presence. Nose in book or paper or computer, mind set on preoccupation du jour, we are often compatible in silence, tracking each other, sometimes engaging, but oftentimes only at the margins.

We have been lucky on this trip. Air France is packed (as always), so much so that we both got the coveted business upgrade. I had a chance to stretch in a reclining position and it was sublime. I’m good now for the two dozen sardine trips I’m likely to make in years ahead – I had my fill of pleasure on this one flight.

In Paris now, but only at the airport.

...writing because we’re both on our computers and so it seems right. In a few minutes we’ll be in flight again, reading.