Thursday, February 02, 2012

at the end of the day

Nearing the end of a full week. Finally. Meet Ed at Paul’s. Paul has a helper in today.
So, she asks, you guys went away somewhere?
Yes, Spai...
New Jersey! Ed pipes in.
New Jersey?
He’s just saying that. It was Sp...
We went to New Jersey.
Where, Newark? I hear it’s up and coming.
No, no, not that...

There are times when Ed is so uncontrollably boyish! His age, divided by six.

When you have a long week, you under-appreciate boyishness in another. Especially when (for the third time this week) your Apple computer is malfunctioning and there’s no food at home for dinner and the snow is melting before your eyes.

Snow melting... It was not like that this morning. It rained fog -- a misty white dusting of freezing particles.



By afternoon it is all gray and gone and there we are, at Paul’s, bantering about New Jersey.