Thursday, February 23, 2012

the cat

There’s a cat on the shed roof. Isis, mouse hunting.


Hours later, he trots proudly, gray little thing dangling from his mouth. He drops it by the sheep shed door. A gift for Ed. That’s loyalty for you!

I’m at the end of the teaching week and that’s always a relief. Tomorrow, right after the last task is done, last meeting, last email, last file updated and set aside, Ed and I are heading north.

You could say that it’s a three-fold poke at my Polish roots. How so? I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Right now I have eggs to scramble, maps to print out and a cat to reassure. Isis, for all his hunting instincts, loves a good rub more than most anything else out there.

Is it tough to live a life where your biggest challenge is to occasionally bring the gift of a mouse to your best pal? Isis might say yes.