Friday, March 09, 2012

momentary cold

Well, let’s cook up soup again. A pot of it – vegetables from the season and frozen ones from last year’s garden. Stir it up, stir it up – ahhhh, that warms you up!

I had a morning of hearings on campus and initially the idea was for me to bike to work. One poke outdoors and I gave up. I don’t like being cold. The birds that I’m hearing outside are made of stronger stuff.


Back in the seat of the red hot lover. I park, I walk. I detour. Past Lake Mendota – now that’s interesting! Nearly melted!


That’s encouraging.

In my office, the heating/cooling system is in its usual crazy between seasons spin. In my section of the building, it can’t be more than fifty. Forget it. Pack the bag, take stuff home.

...where I get distracted by cooking soup.


So, it’s a cold (in the thirties) day again, but I'm quite forgiving. I know what’s coming. Yep, we’ve all studied the weather charts. So go ahead, blow ye winds blow, I have the soup ready for dinner and I’ll go to sleep knowing that we’ll be waking up to something better tomorrow.

I trust weather people. (I think.)