Sunday, March 18, 2012


Here’s a “Polish proverb” for you: in life, there’s always another weed to pull and another flower to encounter.

I used to write Polish proverbs in my head. It’s not hard. You could say that life offers ample hints.

Spring break comes late this year – not for another two weeks for us at UW. But summer? Whoa.... summer came out of the blue. Take today. We hit 80 degrees. That’s ten degrees above the previous record high for this day. Crazy!

Ed and I work hard outdoors. So much so that I haven’t the photos to prove it. Just one – when I begin to distribute wood chips on flower beds. With Isis leading the way. There was, too, creeping Charlie to pull and honeysuckle out back to chop down.


We’re tossing ideas as to what me might plant in the acre out back, behind the barn. Norwegian spruce? An orchard of apples? Walnuts?

We’ll likely not do any of it this year. Maybe not even next year. But we make ready the soil and strain our muscles doing so and it’s nice knowing that we’re making progress. There’s an old Polish proverb that says -- focus on the steps you take to the market; the fruit, once purchased there, will have a richer flavor.